Music Samples

Jim is available to add keyboards to nearly any project and most any style. 

Video Demo

Here are some examples of songs he has worked on:

Wretched Man – Ryan Simpson

“Ryan was looking to add some Mini Moog to this really cool song that had a series of meter changes.  When I got into working through it, I heard a lot of other parts that I thought might be interesting as well.  I’m honored that Ryan really liked what I put together and he kept it all.”
Recorded in 2018

Alone – Dreamboat Annie – A Tribute to Heart

“This recording is live from our very first performance.  We were all very pleased with how it came out, and it’s a fantastic representation of the way the band sounds.”
Song performed LIVE in 2018

Sound Of Silence – DV8

“We took this classic Simon & Garfunkel sound and put an additional twist beyond the version that Disturbed released.  The result is a powerful showcase performance by lead singer Dell McFarland and it is constantly requested by our fans.”
Song performed LIVE in 2018

Love Reign O’er Me – DV8

“This amazingly powerful classic Who song is made even stronger by the hurricane like vocals of our lead vocalist Melissa Reed. It allows me to pull out the orchestral string section which sounds amazing in stereo from the front of house.”
Song performed LIVE in 2018

Divided World / Indecision – Mara

“This very rare video of Mara shot in 1988 before the departure of Don McMaster (Vocals) and Jon Biondo (Drums / Vocals) shows the band in it’s very early years.  these two songs never made it to the first release Breaking The Silence.”
Performed Live 1988

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