Jim Questa with Dreamboat Annie

Jim Questa with

Jim Questa is the keyboardist and background vocalist for Dreamboat Annie – A Tribute To Heart.  This project was created around the fabulous vocal work of two amazing vocalists – Melissa Singer-Reed and Ann Coleman.  These two amazing ladies front a vocal and musical spectacle that truly brings the Heart catalog of music to life.

“The Dreamboat Annie project is an amazing tribute to the Wilson Sisters and the legacy of the band Heart.  Melissa Singer-Reed and Anne Coleman so completely and thoroughly reproduce the vocal and musical magic that cemented Ann and Nancy Wilson as rock superstars.  I feel very fortunate to play a part in this groups success.”

You can catch Dreamboat Annie – A Tribute To Heart at an upcoming festival or concert.  For tour dates and other information, visit http://www.illusionofheart.com.

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