Better Piano

Better Piano for MainStage is a simple, small footprint, multi-sampled digital piano created for users of MainStage who are simply not thrilled with the stock acoustic pianos available with the factory installation.  Better Piano was sampled into an Apollo X4 and processed with Universal Audio plugins to enhance the warmth and depth of the piano.  With 7 velocity layers, Better Piano is a very playable option for demo work and live performance.

Better Piano is not meant to compete with specialty libraries such as Ivory or Keyscape.  Better Piano simply provides an affordable alternative to the stock MainStage acoustic piano samples that many find dull, “midrangey”, noisy or clunky.

Better Piano comes with 2 multi-sampled digital pianos.  “Better Piano” is a playable acoustic piano that can be used for solo work, jazz or similar music.  “Better Piano Bright” is a completely separate group of samples, with EQ designed to help the sound cut through a band mix.  This can be used for rock and soul, especially in band situations, or can be combined with a DX sound to give you that huge 80’s piano used on many popular songs.

Better Piano was created in MainStage 3.6.1 and tested with 3.5.1.  The samples and programs can be imported into earlier versions of MainStage, but we recommend nothing lower than 3.4.4.

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