MainStage Sound Sets

MainStage Sound Sets

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Apple’s MainStage is one of the best values in music software ever.  By connecting your keyboard to your Mac, you can harness the power of over a dozen keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drum kits, and more. And you can add 3rd party plug-ins to further expand your sonic pallet.

I create best in class professional sound sets programmed so close to the original your audience will think you’re playing the keyboard it came from. Each sound is meticulously crafted in similar fashion to how the original was created, so making various changes to fit your playing style or your sound engineer’s ear is easy and direct. They are crafted to be played from a single 88 note keyboard with a few switches, pedals and rotary or fader style controls. Simply make all of your connections in Layout mode and you’re good to go. OR you can import the individual channel strips into your own concerts so you have easy access to those sounds.

These sound sets use the stock MainStage VI’s so nothing additional is needed.  Simply download, assign your keyboard and screen controls and start playing.  More sound sets are being developed, so check back to see what might come next.

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Released 1/2/23


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