Sounds Of Pink Floyd

Sound Set for MainStage

This MainStage version 3.4 sound set consists synth patches for a variety of popular Pink Floyd songs including:

  • Any Color You Like
  • Brain Damage
  • Have A Cigar
  • Hey You
  • Mother
  • On The Run
  • One Of These Days
  • Run Like Hell
  • Time
  • Wish You Were Here

This sound set also contains a completely playable version of On The Run, with cutoff, resonance and LOF routed to make it totally playable live like they did in the studio.

Check out these sound examples:

NOTE: Sound demo is played over the original tracks for context – tracks are not included.

And here’s a “how to” for the patch “On The Run” at my MainStage Guru channel on YouTube:

The download contains a zip file with all of the required patch files, channel strip banks, and a concert to preview these sounds.  There is also a PDF file with installation and playing instructions

NOTE: Concert requires MainStage Version 3.4 or higher.  Patches SHOULD work in earlier versions of MainStage.

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