MainStage Sound Set Help

Thank you for downloading one or more of my sound sets for Apple’s MainStage. While I’ve done as much as possible to make these patches as “plug and play” as possible, occasionally there are issues. This page will help you in the event you come across a rare issue. If you still have issues after reading through this help page, feel free to message me on facebook, or send an email to

Downloaded file will not unzip or is corrupted:

Occasionally a customer might experience an error message when the Mac attempts to unzip the file upon downloading. If that occurs, try downloading the free zip utility program A-Zippr. This is the program I use to zip the files before uploading them to my site. This has cured most of the corrupted zip files for most of my customers, but occasionally issues will still occur. If you still have issues after downloading A-Zippr and attempting to unzip the downloaded file, contact me directly.

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