Sounds of The Cars MainStage Sound Set

This MainStage sound set consists of various patches for a variety of songs written and performed by The Cars including:

  • Bye Bye Love
  • Shake It Up
  • You Might Think
  • Moving In Stereo
  • Dangerous Type
  • Magic
  • Let’s Go
  • Just What I needed
  • Drive

Included in the download file is a VI folder for each of the sounds named for easy identification.  Simply copy the contents of each folder to the corresponding folder to your own MainStage VI’s then start MainStage to find them.  There is also a layout included with splits across an 88 note keyboard for playing the songs on one board.  You can also use the sounds in your own layout by simply adding an instrument and calling up the sounds.

Check out these sound examples:

Sound Set Details:

Sounds and concert were created with MainStage 3.3.0.  Sounds may be compatible with earlier versions of MainStage but that cannot be guaranteed.  It is recommended that you have the full install of MainStage including all extra sound content for the EFM1, ES2, ESX4, Retro Synth and Vintage Electric Piano VI’s

Only $9.95 US.  To purchase, follow this link ->

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