Angry Young Man Playthrough.

Billy Joel’s “Angry Young Man” playthrough

A while back on the Korg Kronos facebook page I asked a question about being able to play the beginning of Billy Joel’s “Angry Young Man” as I was having issues with the key response. While some people suggested some workarounds there were a few that said, “perhaps you should work on your technique”. I took that statement to heart and really worked on it.

This is where I’m at today:

Copyright Joelsongs – video presented for educational and demonstration purposes only.

About this performance:

I used Billy’s “Last Play At Shea” performance to base my backing tracks. Produced in Apple Logic Pro X, using Steven Slate Drums 5 for the drums, Apple Sample instrument for bass, IK Multimedia B3X for the Hammond organ, IK’s SampleTank4 for the guitar throughout and the strings during the bridge, Kronos SE for the harmonica, and Arturia’s MiniV for the keyboard solo. The piano is a modified version of the Kronos’ German Grand.

Everything except the piano part (which I played live in this video and intend to play live as a solo) was mixed in Logic Pro X then exported as a Wave file. That wave file was imported into the Kronos sequencer track.

All of the audio you hear is direct from the Kronos.

It’s not perfect, but I’ll continue to work on it so I can pay proper respect to the song. A quick thank you for all of the encouragement. Sometimes it just takes a quick kick to the pants to motivate you to improve yourself. 😉

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